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Are You Limiting Your Sales Without Realizing It?

A few years back, a major study was performed by Loyola University of New Orleans, LA. to determine once and for all what the real world effects of music (when it is properly programmed) are on the buying behavior of retail customers. In the write-up afterward, Dr. Robert Milliman explained that he measured gross sales first with no music present in the retail environment and then he introduced music to the same settings and measured again.

The Findings

In this study, Dr. Milliman stated that when the music was present, he measured a level of sales which was 38.2% greater than the level of sales he measured in the same businesses when they were silent. So when applied to your own company, figure out how much more money you would have with an increase in sales of 38.2% compared to the pennies per day you think you are saving by not using music. Incidentally, this same study found that sales actually dropped when compared to silence when the good Doctor introduced radio to the retail environment. Additionally, these findings hold up regardless of the type of business studied. If you are interested in investigating the findings of this work more closely, we will be happy to furnish a copy of this research upon request.


The abms Difference

With multiple platforms of delivery (Satellite, Internet, CD Rom) we offer virtually every genre from the largest music libraries in the world. Professionally programmed by people who are experienced in the field of business music with no talking of any kind between or during the songs, we know how to create the right experience for your patrons and your employees so that your company's sales and productivity can be maximized. In addition, we pay all Performing Right Fees for you so that you will always know that your music is properly licensed and your business is legal.

Are You Stealing Music?

Despite the disbelief from many we encounter these days, the fact is that according to ASCAP laws which were passed by Congress in 1956, the people who own the songs you are playing in your business are entitled to be paid for your use of their property. Music played for personal use is licensed one way but music played in a business is licensed differently. Even though many business owners today believe that they will never get caught if they play the radio or an internet site or their iPods in their business, there are actual inspectors employed by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC (the 3 main Royalty Collecting Agencies) who are personally canvasing nearly every city in the U.S. everyday in order to find and fine violaters. And even if you have gotten away with playing unlicensed music for years, you are still risking fines of up to $1,000.00 per day if you are caught. And by the way, if these people find you, their standard practice is to be nasty and very difficult to get rid of.

Smart business owners avoid this risk by either taking out a license directly with each of the 3 agencies mentioned above so that they may play music from whatever source they like or they sign up with a professional music service (such as the ones we offer) for a dollar amount which is usually about half of what the direct licenses will cost.

Believe it or not, every year we have at least one out of all the businesses we serve across the U.S. who is harassed by one of these agencies even though the music they are playing in their business is properly licensed. Of course, in these cases, after the threatening letters and phone calls have been received, our customers are always greatly relieved when we are ablde to "put the agencies right" on the matter. Perhaps thinking of our services as insurance might make sense in this regard. You may not want to pay for it but it is a tremendous relief for you when you need it. Besieds, we have a far greater selection of genres and original artists' material than you could ever find anywhere else on your own.


Below please find a reprint of an article about a poor unfortunate business owner who thought he knew better.