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Sound Masking


Improve Your Productivity 

Recent studies have shown that American  businesses lose billions every year to lost productivity caused by distractions in the workplace.  By removing many cross-office distracting sounds and by creating privacy for conversations, Sound Masking improves productivity while it enhances the office experience. From areas as small as 50 square feet to multi-story office buildings, our custom configurations match your acoustical needs.   

Sound Masking Systems from  abms are custom designed and installed to perfection.  Our decades of experience in the field insures that the selection and placement of your  speakers plus the reliability and frequency response of the amplifiers and noise generators will deliver consistent even coverage for your open or enclosed office environment 



What Does Sound Masking Sound Like?

Using white noise or the often more preferable pink noise, a well tuned and well designed Sound Masking System sounds much like the soft whooshing of a high end HVAC system only  it is impossible for the individual to pin point the precise spot from where this sound is emanating.  The key to making your system work correctly and in close concert with your staff is in the way the system is ultimately adjusted and fine tuned once the installation has been completed.  The design and service technicians at abms are experts in this field and the company is remarkably cost competitive when compared to other Sound Engineering firms or Office Supply shops.