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How Your Business Can Benefit From Messaging On Hold

Did you know that greater than 80% of the customers who call your business would prefer to listen to professionally prepared messages about your business over hearing nothing at all?  Not too long ago a study was conducted by Telephony.  In this study 30,000 callers were placed on hold for a period of 1 minute.  Participants in this study were then subjected to one of 3 conditions while they sat on hold.:  (1) silence, (2) music only, or (3) professionally prepared messages with music interspersed between each  message. 

After the period of 1 minute had elapsed, the study participants were then  taken off hold and judged according to two criteria:  (1) whether or not they had hung up during their minute on hold and (2) what the caller perceived  as the length of time he/she had been left on hold. 

Below were the results of this study. 

             Condition                               Hang up Rate                    Perceived Wait Time


             SILENCE                                    52%                           27% believed > 5 Minutes

             MUSIC ONLY                            13%                           56% believed > 1 Minute

             MESSAGES ON HOLD               2%                            81% believed < 1 Minute   

If you take a moment to study these results, you will see that they are stunning.  The hang up rate represents missed opportunities for a business that isn't using MESSAGING ON HOLD.  And if you're not using MESSAGING ON HOLD you are not just missing out on business from the average person on the street.  You are losing business from the most qualified customers you have: the people who have taken time out of their busy day to give you a phone call.  Not only that, it is clear from this information that customers who listen to MESSAGING ON HOLD are in a much better frame of mind when your personnel returns to the line to speak with them which means, therefore, that customers who call into your business, will have a better impression of your business when you utilize this service.  Additionally, MESSAGING ON HOLD is the least expensive form of advertising there is short of Word-of-Mouth.  So contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business to capture more customers through our MESSAGING ON HOLD service.                  



 An Added Service to Inform and Attract Customers 

As an add-on to our music systems, we produce and play advertising messages through in house sound systems for a number of our customers.  For example, convenience stores remind patrons to pick up an extra pair of sunglasses or an extra few quarts of oil.  Supermarkets alert visiting customers about the special deli selections or unique beer products they can choose for that upcoming event.  Hotels can remind guests of the many amenities offered on their property.  In every case, the experience of the patron is enhanced and the opportunity for the business to  increase its sales is improved

Typically, the messages we produce are done so with professional air talent.  In this way, abms insures that the in house advertising you do for your customers is clear and succinct.   For more information please contact us today.