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Expertly Designed Distributed Sound Systems


Why Choose abms? 

A properly designed distributed sound system for your business insures that your music, television programming or any other media source you are intending to play for your customers will be heard evenly throughout your facility.  No hot spots and no dead spots.  Everyone in your business will be able to hear what you are playing for them no matter where they stand or sit. 

There are hundreds of speaker manufacturers and dozens of companies who will be quite happy to hang speakers for you if you ask them to do so.  But electricians actually know little (if anything) about quality sound reproduction and distribution.  Additionally, telephone companies typically use speakers and technology which limit the performance of their systems to midrange paging only while stereo shops use the wrong technology all together. 

ABMS sound systems are based upon 40 years of design, manufacturing and installation experience in the commercial sound field.   You can be certain that a sound system designed and installed by our company will deliver high quality, even sound at a price that youwill find surprisingly inexpensive.  The extra step that you take to engage our services will pay off many times over for you once our work has been completed because the way your business sounds is just as important as how it looks.  If, for example, you subject your customer to cheap, tinny sounding speakers that are not positioned properly, that customer on some level will remember his/her experience in your business as being unpleasant.  And a customer who has had an unpleasant experience is less likely to return compared to a customer who has felt relaxed and comfortable in full fidelity sound while he/she was in your facility. 

You have invested a great deal to make certain that your business has just the right appearance and features to attract and hang onto customers.  Don't short change yourself by leaving the decisions about your sound system to someone who is not a true commercial  sound expert.  Let us offer you a free quote.